Developmental Editing

Developmental editing is all about coaching an author toward the best manuscript possible. As a Developmental Editor, Christina combines the holistic approach she took as a creative writing professor with coaching to help you bring your book forward. To that end, she is a facilitator and mentor of your project.

Christina is also happy to offer several different coaching packages for writers. Not all of them require a full manuscript; in fact, some are for people who are starting new projects.


Christina has published numerous works of creative non-fiction and fiction. A more complete list of her published creative works and links to publications can be found on the “Writing” page.


Christina M Wells


Christina M. Wells is an intuitive observer, storyteller, and communicator. She loves to connect with people or sit back on her own to write about the made up and the real. She is also an observant and empathic coach, wanting people to become the best version of themselves. And as a developmental editor, she wants people’s writing to become the best that it can be.