Developmental editing is all about coaching an author toward the best manuscript possible.

Developmental Editing

Developmental editing offers you a view of what I see, along with questions, ideas, and options for revision. This requires a book length manuscript. You’ll want to pursue it before doing any of the more minute types of editing. While it can be defined several different ways, my technique focuses on the book’s organization and its content issues. Things like character development in fiction, for instance. 

Please note: It is not my objective to trash or rewrite your idea. Rather, it is to edit and coach you toward the best version of your content, for your plans. As such, a commercial novelist, a literary novelist, a memoirist, and a coach writing for a popular audience might receive very different feedback. For that matter, two writers in the same genre and specialty might receive very different feedback.

Manuscript Services

Developmental Editing

I write a 10-25 editorial letter in response to your text. In the letter I provide:

  • An assessment of what’s working and what you may wish to revisit or change, depending on your objectives.
  • An analysis of your organization, structure, and the various components of a novel, memoir, or prescriptive nonfiction book.

For example, I might discuss character inconsistencies or shifts in point of view. Or I may emphasize the various themes or objectives, as I see them.

Line Editing

I offer line editing as an optional service to people who have purchased developmental editing.

Line Editing + Copyediting

I offer line editing and copyediting as a combined optional service for writers who have purchased developmental editing.