Intuition and empathy

“Christina’s excellent skills as an editor and book coach shone as she provided feedback on my historical fiction manuscript. Her thorough reading of the novel and detailed editorial letter provided me with the guidance I needed to revise my novel. I appreciated her insightful comments, questions, and suggestions, as well as the supportive manner in which she coached me through the process. I would recommend Christina for anyone seeking a supportive and knowledgeable book coach.”

Liisa Kovala

“Working with Christina provided the guidance, inspiration, and hard truths necessary to make my book ready to present to a literary agent. In the highly competitive process of shopping a novel, Christina taught me how to read and assess agents that are accepting new clients. She enlightened me about using Publisher’s Marketplace and Query Tracker as a resource.  The work that I did with her gave me a fighting chance — no small feat in today’s publishing climate. Christina is thoughtful, measured, knowledgeable and extremely easy to talk to.  I’m so grateful that she walked me through this process and gave me tools that I can continue to use.”

Stephanie Raffelock

Author of A Delightful Little Book on Aging, Creatrix Rising and Editor of Art in the Time of Unbearable Crisis