Coaching for Writers can:

  • Create a space for creative projects.
  • Focus your talents and story.
  • Realize your power to persuade.
  • Decide whether to make changes in your project or process.
  • Help you navigate the remaining steps of your project.
  • Teach you self-care.

I offer several different coaching packages based on your writing project. Using coaching techniques, obtained during my certification, I guide you through the creative process to produce your best work. 

Coaching Services for Writers

Creativity Coaching (For Fiction or Memoir Writers)

Perhaps you are not at the pre-publishing stage with a text, and maybe you don’t have a text, at all. You can purchase ten-twelve sessions of coaching to get going with a project that fits in your life. We can examine why you are stuck, haven’t even started, or can’t seem to find the time for that last section you’ve been sitting on.

What Now? (For Fiction or Memoir Writers)

The “What Now” package is for people who have produced smaller works and seek feedback that doesn’t sound like it should have a grade attached. This is particularly useful for authors of stories and personal essays who want to send out work or move toward a more massive project.

Revisiting Your Life: Integral Coaching for Memoir Writers

Holistic coaching is available for people currently writing a memoir while seeking to move forward with their lives and careers.

It’s challenging to write about the past/present while looking ahead. This coaching practice will help you focus on your text, make decisions about what to include, and look at what place you hope your memoir will have in your life—and in the world.

Finding an Audience: Coaching for Coaches Who Write

Much has been said recently to coaches about how to reach a wider audience with things that can help the world today. If you are a coach writing speeches, preparing webinars, or writing a book, I can help you decide how best to reach an audience of clients, coaches, or prospective coaches.

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