Recent Writing

Recently Published Anthology Includes Three Selections

Recently published by Story Circle Network and edited by Susan Schoch, this anthology includes three selections written by Christina. Christina focuses her writing in each essay on an aspect of life during the COVID Pandemic.

“Chemical Fall” –  Found under the section entitled “Masks”

“Daycare is Different Now” – Found under “Parenting”

“Sick Day” – Found under “Fears”

Essays and Short Stories

“Flow Chart,”
Is It Hot in Here or Is IT Just Me?: Women Over Forty Write on Aging, Dec 2019

“Healthy Enough,” 
Hashtag Queer: LGBTQ+ Creative Anthology, Volume 3, Aug. 2019


“The River is A Secret,”
Big Muddy 18.2, 2018

“The Dunking Booth,”
Crabfat Magazine, Oct 2017

“Butterflies,” bioStories Magazine, Volume 7, Issue 2, Summer/Fall 2017

“Last Stop Nursing Home Tour,”
Sinister Wisdom 112: Moon and Cormorant, Spring 2019

Cover of Is It Hot In Here

Flow Chart

"The first time I remember someone giving me grief about my period, I was eleven. I was standing in front of my sixth grade homeroom teacher's desk, asking if I could go to the restroom. She was reluctant. I stood there with my purse, shifting my weight."

Hashtag Queer Cover

Healthy Enough

"Iris and Magda had been friends for fifty years when the former sexually propositioned the latter. The last time Magda checked, the statute of limitations on fidelity was death. So far, Lucas was hanging on."

Big Muddy Cover

The River is a Secret

"Beyond the field is a river that sits like a secret, and mostly I am unaware that it is there, unless there is a flood. Once, one comes some yards from my grandparents' house, and I see a tiny mouse swim by my foot as I wonder how far the water will go."

Cover of Crab Fat October 2017

The Dunking Booth

"My grandfather once told me a story about a relative whose minister told her she had to be baptized twice. It seems that as the minister placed her under water, she lifted up an arm."

bioStories Cover


"Somewhere during a long conversation about how people were handling my grandmother’s decline and her loss of independence, Jen and I saw something flying toward us, lyrically in a rhythm all its own. It was a purple butterfly, the first I’d ever seen outside a butterfly habitat."

Sinister Wisdom Cover

Last Stop Nursing Home Tour

"Nothing says 'You're in a nursing home, and I'm not,' quite like driving up in a BMW SUV. I regret that, and I tried to explain it to the rental counter. But when they decide they want to upgrade you, there's no stopping them..."

Also Published, but No Longer Available

 “The Horse Dream and the Funeral,”
Rough Copy, 2008

“September Birthday Losses,” 
Story Circle Journal, Sept. 2010

“Rewriting Cassandra,”
Northern Virginia Review, 2011